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Heritage Business International, L3C

Bringing Better Business Practices to the Heritage Industry

Heritage Business International helps heritage organisations increase their value, sustainability, and impact in a global marketplace.

In the UK, and globally, heritage has been privatized. For heritage organisations to successfully achieve their missions and goals, they must function as sustainable and profitable businesses. It really doesn't matter if the organisation is a private company, registered charity, government agency, or an academic institution. Today, organisational excellence, public accountability, financial sustainability, and a return of value are required of all types of heritage organisations. Achieving the research, preservation, and educational goals that heritage professionals value now require business and organisational excellence.
This is where we help heritage organisations like yours. We partner with you to strengthen your organization so you can go on to be more successful in achieving your heritage mission. We allow you to bring your business practices up to match the high level of your heritage practices. We also assist UK firms that wish to expand their business to North America--and there could be no better time to do so.

Areas of Practice

Capacity Building

Building the capacity of your organisation means making adjustments to optimize its efficiency and sustainability, and to ensure that it grows in value. In making these adjustments, your organisation increases its ability to achieve its heritage mission and make a bigger impact.

Business Education

While heritage professionals tend to be highly educated achievers, when did they learn anything about business? It's hard to expect them to achieve great business results without providing them with some business training. We provide heritage-focused business training to working heritage professionals and students.

Industry Data

Successful organizations make data-based decisions. However, obtaining heritage industry data is difficult. We provide our clients with industry data, market intelligence, strategic analyses, economic contexts, and forward looking forecasts to allow for the quantitative, strategic decision making that make heritage organisations smart, nimble, and competitive.

Principal Consultants

Christopher Dore

Christopher is a Registered Professional Archaeologist with a Ph.D. in anthropology and an M.B.A. He has served as the President of the American Cultural Resources Association (U.S. equivalent of FAME), Treasurer of the Society for American Archaeology, and currently is the President of the Register of Professional Archaeologists. He has served as a CEO, marketing executive, and senior manager for a number of leading North American and international heritage firms.

Anna Schneider

Anna is a Registered Professional Archaeologist with a background in public outreach, social media, and heritage management. She holds both an M.A. in anthropology and an M.B.A. in business administration. Anna is passionate about using this unique degree combination to bring both archaeological expertise and business know-how to the heritage industry. A digital marketing expert, Anna works with heritage organizations on their social media strategy, tactics, and return on investment.

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